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Keeping your time in the kitchen to a minimum leaves more quality time to spend with your friends and family. We’ve put together a list of handy tips to keep meal prep time and fuss to a minimum.

Slow Cookers for a delicious low fuss meal
Coming into winter is the perfect time to give slow cookers a try. Not only do they free up your hands on meal time but they are also very low maintenance to operate. Making meals with a slow cooker can also be very budget friendly as the meats are cooked over a long period of time, which turns some of the tougher budget cuts into tender juicy finished meals.

Prepare vegetables ahead of time
This is a classic time-saving technique used in many restaurants. Think about the last time you ordered a stir-fry, it’s literally prepared in minutes! Whether you plan to make a salad, cook your veggies or just munch on them fresh from the fridge, half the work will be already done. Plus you will be more likely to use them before they wilt or go bad if they are already prepped.

Sliced to perfection
If you are cooking a dish that requires thinly sliced beef or chicken, wrap the meat in cling wrap and then place the meat in the freezer for about 15 minutes until it is slightly frozen. Remove the cling wrap and then slice away like a professional. Remember to slice across the grain for more tender meat. Why not try out your slicing skills on this delicious Creamy Thai Chicken Soup.

Pre-portioned recipe ingredients
There’s much more you can do with an ice cube tray than just make ice. You can freeze any number of things for later use including lemon juice, stock or even freeze cookie dough into individual cubes. Once your cubes are frozen, you can remove them from the tray and store them in a Tupperware container or sealed plastic bag. Why not make up a batch of delicious cookies, bake a few and freeze the rest to have on hand in case of a baking emergency!

Less mess frying
There’s nothing worse than having to spend time scrubbing greasy pans. Next time you need to fry something, line the pan with baking paper and then cook directly on the paper. This works particularly well if you are cooking higher fat foods such as sausages. The fat will not catch on the pan and when you are finished, just remove the baking paper and dispose of it.

Microwave for melting
For the chocolate lovers out there, did you know your microwave is a very convenient (and low fuss) method of melting all types of chocolate. Be sure to set your microwave to 50% power so that the chocolate doesn’t scorch, stopping the microwave every 30 seconds to stir the chocolate with a metal spoon. Just break the chocolate into evenly sized pieces, place it in a dry microwave-safe bowl (Pyrex is recommended) and leave the chocolate uncovered, as covering it will cause condensation to form and drop into the chocolate.


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